Calibration Status: Software Notes

SECCHI Consortium Meeting, Meudon 2008

Jean-Pierre Wuelser
Nariaki Nitta

EUVI Status

Entrance Filters

Entrance Filter Trends - Ahead

Entrance Filter Trends - Behind

Entrance Filters - Summary

Spectral Response - Effective Area

Future work: cross calibrate with other experiments (suborbital rockets, SDO-EVE)?

Flat Fielding

"Raw" Flat (EUVI-B @ 171)

Processed: Mesh-Shadowing Only

Flat Fielding Status

Preliminary Flats:

Point Spread Function

PSF - Diffraction at Entrance Filter

PSF - Results

PSF - Lunar transit EUVI-B @ 304

304 Image Deconvolved with PSF

Data Analysis Software SECCHI_PREP

Important SECCHI_PREP keywords:

Spectral Response Data & Software

Effective area
setenv,'EUVI_RESPONSE='+getenv('SECCHI_CAL')+'/euvi_response’ restgenx,file=‘$EUVI_RESPONSE/ahead_sra_001.geny’,a
Routines in "sbrowser" ssw package:

Notes on Data Analysis Software
EUVI Movies

3-D movie: ssw routine to create series of frames: ts = '2007-05-16T16:00'
te = '2007-06-16T18:00'
disp : see notes for sb_gtrans lut = # of color table entry (in sb_colors1.tbl)

Observing Programs (1)

Observing Programs (2)