SECCHI EUVI Software Notes

SECCHI_PREP Defaults for EUVI (1)

By default, SECCHI_PREP applies a set of corrections:

SECCHI_PREP Keyword Examples


Despiking (Cosmic Ray Removal)

Flat Fielding, "De-gridding" (1)

"Raw" Flat (EUVI-B @ 171)

Processed: Mesh-Shadowing Only

Flat Fielding, "De-gridding" (2)

Image Deconvolution with PSF

304 Image Deconvolved with PSF

Scaling, Aligning, etc.

Routines in "sbrowser" ssw package:

Intensity Scaling, Display

EUVI Movies

3-D movie: ssw routine to create series of frames:
ts = '2007-05-16T16:00'
te = '2007-06-16T18:00'
disp : see notes for sb_gtrans
lut = # of color table entry (in sb_colors1.tbl)

Spectral Response Data & Software

Effective area